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Watch BASELINE OUT OF BOUNDS Smarter is a deep dive video into the X's and O's chess match between the offense and defense while the ball is being inbounded underneath the hoop.

This 32-minute video is narrated by Jordan Sperber and walks you through different offensive and defensive concepts and styles used throughout the country by Division 1 basketball coaches. It also includes why those concepts are chosen in the first place and counters and responses used to attack those concepts.

The video is fit for coaches looking to add to their BLOB offense/defense playbook or fans looking to understand the "game-within-the-game" from a tactical perspective.

Some of the offensive concepts explained in detail: Eyes, screen-the-screener, circle lob, misdirection elevator, corner dribble handoff, elbow flex, elbow backdoor, elbow hi-lo, X, overload duck.

Some of the defensive concepts explained in detail: Lock-and-trail, top lock, switch 5, inbounder sag, inbounder jump, weak, 2-3 zone, zone trap, 1-3-1 monster, corner double.

Some of the coaches covered include: Chris Mack (Louisville/Xavier), Bill Carmody (Holy Cross), Mike White (Florida), Brad Underwood (Stephen F. Austin), Jay Wright (Villanova), Chris Jans (New Mexico State), Randy Bennett (Saint Mary's), Bill Self (Kansas), Jim Boeheim (Syracuse), Leonard Hamilton (Florida State), Mark Pope (Utah Valley), Jim Hayford (Seattle).