Watch BALL SCREENS Smarter

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Watch BALL SCREENS Smarter is a deep dive video into the X's and O's for all things ball screens.

This 32-minute video is narrated and animated by Jordan Sperber and walks you through different offensive concepts and styles used throughout the country by Division 1 basketball coaches. It is broken up into seven different sections:

  1. The ball handler
  2. The screener
  3. The other three players
  4. Spacing and positioning
  5. Spread ball screens
  6. Dummy ball screens
  7. Continuities

The video is fit for fans looking to understand the "game-within-the-game" from a tactical perspective or coaches looking to add to their offensive playbook.

Some of the teams included: Gonzaga, Kansas, Michigan State, Maryland, Marquette, Saint Mary's, Purdue, FGCU, BYU, Northeastern, Mississippi State, Virginia Tech, Dayton, Wichita State, UNC, Butler, Michigan, Florida, Virginia, and NC State.